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Trabalhando em equipe

Clélio and Bania Soares, married for 25 years, have a couple of children Nataly and Marcos Israel. Together they are pastors and missionaries, she is a teacher and he is a nursing technician. They work as missionaries in several countries in Latin America, in Brazil they continued in the pastoral ministry and completed their studies in the theological area (FATEM) and evangelism for children through (APEC).

In Bolivia, they founded the Comunidade Brasil Gospel (CBG), a ministry aimed at for Brazilian students. They also created a social project called "Amigos da Saúde" which for 10 years served dozens of needy communities in the Andes region, thousands of people were reached and benefited by this social and spiritual program.

They currently live in Brazil and coordinate the evangelistic programs of the ministry "Connection 3:16".

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